This is a beginning class course, intended to introduce the basic Swahili communicative situations and the basic vocabulary and grammar. The primary goal of the course is to provide students with the spoken knowledge of the language. The course also aims at promoting practical application of the skills learnt in class in self-expression, description of everyday experience as well as enhancement of interpersonal interaction. While the course will focus on enriching the students understanding of African culture through the learning of Swahili, students are expected to relate the Swahili culture with their everyday experiences. However, by the end of the course, students should have also acquired some knowledge of reading and writing in the language. 

This is a beginning course for advanced level Swahili. It is intended for students who have the motivation to work hard and engage their linguistic skills in talking about highly abstract ideas and topical issues that are taking place at the global level. Even so the bias is on issues with an African orientation, and East African focus in particular. The course is discourse oriented and purely designed as a communicative course. Most of the grammatical elements that come from your reading will be discussed. You are expected to ensure that you read the texts shown in the syllabus beforehand so that we can have fruitful discussion. The course aims to empower you to make a connection between Swahili and your fields of study. In short, it will be about applying Swahili to negotiate through academic discourse and other natural contexts. Grammar will only be taught if students feel there is a grammatical area that they need to review, or if a certain problematic grammatical element features prominently in the reading. This course also seeks to expose learners to various rhetorical devices that are vital in Swahili discourse.